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FG Fuel Cover ScreensFG Fuel Cover Screens
FG Fuel App & Dashboard

Sophisticated payment platform that helps transport companies manage daily fueling transactions in real time. No more delays waiting for a payment card production and distribution to drivers. Add new partner sites to own network and start fueling right now. Build your own fueling partners network. Build your own rules that implies partners individual pricing and conditions. Prevent any suspicious fraudulent activity. Smart monitoring systems notifies manager about drivers behaviour and let’s you act immediately. Be in control of entire fueling process. All your fueling transactions in one place.


2018 Q4 - 2019 Q1

My role

UI Designer


UI Design, Mini Design System

Mini Design System
FG Fuel Design System

Final App

FG Fuel Welcome Screen
Register with just a phone number
FG Fuel Location Screen
Turn on location tracking for the app to know where your truck is
FG Fuel Home Screen
Two simple options: Search for fueling stations or pay for fuel
FG Fuel Fuel Site List Screen
Fuel Site Search
Manually search for supported fueling stations by typing the name or city
FG Fuel Map Screen
Fuel Site Search
View the map and select a fuel station
FG Fuel Fueling Options Screen
Do you want to enter details manually or track them automatically
FG Fuel Fueling Screen
Timer to start fueling
FG Fuel Finish Fueling Screen
Finish Fueling
After fueling you’ll get a receipt


FG Fuel Dashboard Home
Home Screen
FG Fuel Dashboard Clients
Clients Page
FG Fuel Dashboard Analytics
FG Fuel Dashboard Trucks
Selected Truck History
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