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Urge cover imageUrge cover image

Young people want to share their ideas, struggles and life moments without being judged. But they feel that they don't have anything to offer when they see all that polished content like from influencers on Instagram.

Urge App

Urge is the social app where you create a post, but make the difference. Here you can set a challenge for yourself, inspire others to follow it and see the wave of positive change you’ve ignited.

On Urge you can do two things: follow those ahead of you or lead those behind you. If you see a Daily Challenge in the feed that you relate to, simply continue the chain of positive influence and repeat that challenge. Or if you have a cause that you passionately believe in, just create your own post about it and how you make a difference, and invite others to follow Your lead.


Jul 2021 - Jan 2022

My role

Lead Product Designer


Research, UI/UX Design, Wireframing and Prototyping, Design System, Usability Testing

Final App

Urge Daily Challenge Screen
Home - Daily Challenges
Daily curated inspirational posts for every user by their preferred topics.
Urge Feed Screen
Post Feed
Scroll through people posts. Like or respond to post with your own post.
Urge Post Creation Screen
Post Creation
Take a picture or add photo from gallery. If you want add some text.
Urge Post Share Screen
Share Post
Before sharing your post add it to a cause/topic
Urge Explore Screen
Browse causes and posts.
Urge Activity Screen
Get notified about your posts activity
Urge Dashboard Screen
See how many people you’ve inspired, track your progress and more
Urge User Profile Screen
Follow people and get inspired
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